Quick take on this evening’s Elon Musk Neuralink reveal

* Neuralink isn’t anywhere close to a working product most people should care about.

* The purpose of this event is to allow Neuralink researchers to start publishing papers and for the company to attract new talent.

* In true Elon Musk fashion, this is about taking existing technology and the edge of scientific knowledge, assembling a crack team of experts, pushing the limits in industry — rather than academic — speed, and combining the results into a neat package.

* The goal of Neuralink is to pick up and transmit signals from and to the brain at a much higher resolution than allowable today (with technologies such as EEG or MRI) while being minimally invasive and without compromising on mobility. And… it’s all connected through USB. Elon wants this to pave the path for symbiosis with computers and AI.

* While my knowledge of electrophysiology is quite outdated, my understanding is that multiple breakthroughs in electrode design, embedded electronics, and on-chip signal processing & analysis have been made. MEANING: extract and broadcast more information to the brain; faster I/O into and out of us than ever before.

* Coupled with robotics and algorithms developed specifically for this purpose, the new package makes embedding electrodes directly into the brain a significantly simpler, safer and available endeavor than what exists today.

* Still, the immediate application is clinical; making the lives of people suffering from various brain malfunctions better. This allows furthering the research using human subjects who have more to gain from the risk, as Neuralink validate the tech and get necessary FDA approval.

* The team does discuss their vision being directly related to day-to-day use, brain-computer interfaces, brain-to-brain communications, and a new world of Neuralink apps. They talk about the clinical application as the necessary first step as they aim for every design decision to bring us closer to commercial use by healthy people.

* Elon’s lack of a deep understanding of neurosci/the brain shows when he attempts to answer questions or go deeper, but at this point it’s impossible to deny that he has enough clarity and insight, coupled with a wide, systemic view, to be able to get this up and running from scratch and achieve something remarkable.

Looking forward to telepathizing with you!