I’ve been doing Synereo for a long, intense period. Longer than my Ph.D. student days. Longer than my compulsory military service. Longer than Trump has been president.

It all started with a vision, announced to the world 6 years ago, and a lot of passion to materialize it. I had been deep in the blockchain space since early 2011, waiting for the opportunity to do more with the technology than play with better forms of money.

Synereo was announced October, 2014 as I hosted the “Bitcoin 2.0: The Next Generation of the Decentralized Economy” panel at the Inside Bitcoin TLV conference with David Johnston (MasterCoin), Vitalik Buterin (Etherium), Stas Oskin (Counterparty) ,Lior Yaffe (NXT), Dr. Gideon Greenspan (CoinSpark) and Alex Mizrahi (Colored Coins).

After years of going through many iterations, testing out (and becoming disappointed with) many forms of emerging tech, raising funds from a supportive community…

Written for friends new to the crypto markets.

Everything is going to go up now.

In a bull market, it’s easy to win. Buy some coins from the list of DeFi projects, check your portfolio every few days, and smile.

What’s more fun, educational, exciting — and, perhaps most importantly, lets you sleep well at night — is finding the right projects. …


1, Unlike the 2017 Sci-Fi charade, blockchain tech works now — works simply, and works well.

2, There’s a whole new economy brewing and bubbling underneath, and I predict it slowly replaces the existing as we shake off the shackles of banks and create new societal freedoms.

Current Affairs


At a time when the stock market becomes more and more decoupled from reality, from the actual economy driven by our work, many are questioning the value — and even basic validity — of the financial infrastructure and economic game being played.

Even those who have capital to deploy are at a…

1) Hit targets that can take it

  • Banks
  • Insurance companies
  • Government institutions (police stations, city hall, tax offices)
  • Mega corps

2) Hit targets disproportionally responsible for this mess

  • Banks
  • Insurance companies
  • Government institutions (police stations, city hall, tax offices)
  • Mega corps

3) Do not destroy more lives

  • A person’s car may be their source of income
  • Real people’s livelihoods; a shop on the street destroyed may completely ruin a life
  • Damage to residence may create extreme suffering for the people left without shelter and needed facilities
  • Damage to support facilities (hospitals, homeless shelters, fire stations, social assistance institutions, comms)
  • Spare…

OK, this undoubtedly underestimates the good Capitalism has done. It has certainly been servicing the progress of humanity and the social order for a longer period of time than Communism — or any other recent socio-economic ideo-policy, mainly by doing a much better job taming human greed and pouring that energy into a mechanism beneficial for the welfare of populations at large. Education, health, social mobility, and fundamental safety are at unprecedented levels thanks to the encouragement of our basic desire to GET MORE, and that being facilitated and leveraged through free markets.

— — — — — — —…

(By Ramin Nazer)

In these strange days marked by fear and uncertainty, many governments are using the opportunity to strengthen their grip; to increase the certainty and solidity of their own positions as centralized hubs of control. Notably, they’re improving the means of applying their authority through more and more direct and fine methods of observation and tracking. That is to say, they want to know everything about you.

That is not necessarily a bad thing.

Wait, wait. Hear me out.

I’m not saying we should lie down and give up our right to live a private life.

I’m not saying I want…

I believe it is a possibility that what’s happening in Italy is an edge case rather than the unavoidable future for most of the planet.

1) There is strong evidence indicating the virus originated in the US. All 5 known strains are present here, while everywhere else has fewer. Even Wuhan, the supposed source of the pandemic, has 1 of the 5 strains only.

This implies that the virus was already active in the US at least several weeks before any news of it started coming out of China. However, we are not seeing Italy-like effects in our hospitals.


Very few people want to go to war. Very few people are willing to throw it all away under some delusion that a conflict with the potential to spark another World War will yield a positive result.

Remember how safe you feel after having to take off your shoes at the airport? That’s “security theater”; we collaborate with the government to put on a show and make ourselves feel like we’ve “done something”.

What we’re seeing between the US and Iran is war theater. …

* Neuralink isn’t anywhere close to a working product most people should care about.

* The purpose of this event is to allow Neuralink researchers to start publishing papers and for the company to attract new talent.

* In true Elon Musk fashion, this is about taking existing technology and the edge of scientific knowledge, assembling a crack team of experts, pushing the limits in industry — rather than academic — speed, and combining the results into a neat package.

* The goal of Neuralink is to pick up and transmit signals from and to the brain at a much…

People following Bitcoin have been discussing this since the dawn of time, also known as “The Genesis Block”. These days, the reality of it is becoming more and more apparent to anyone who cares to look: the entire, global, non-backed-fiat economy, where central banks and governments are in a position to issue money at their whim, is showing its cracks.

It’s a textbook example of control tightening more and more until reality is squeezed out of its grip, shattering the old machinations of control and leaving space for something new to emerge — to hopefully better harness the underlying reality…

Dor Konforty

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